What are the habits to have to increase the intelligence quotient?

The IQ determines the level of intelligence of an individual. If you have a low IQ, you will find it difficult to appear admiring in debates and discussions with your friends and colleagues. However, you can improve your intelligence quotient by engaging in certain activities or by adopting certain diets. Here are some tips on how to increase your IQ.

Read regularly

Reading is a formidable weapon in the exercise of increasing IQ. Indeed, for special info, you need to know that it takes resourced people to know it. Thus, since the greatest knowledge is hidden in books, it is very important to read a lot if you want a high IQ. Also, reading is an activity that requires special attention. It works your mind and memory by allowing you to analyse and understand many facts.

Changing your daily habits

When you want to change your IQ level, you have to change your actions as well. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid making your brain programmable. Develop new intellectual and manual habits to stimulate your brain to react naturally to new situations. Ground your knowledge by visiting historical places, parks and many other places, as this would be very ideal for your brain. 

Engage in physical activities

The benefits of sport are transversal to all areas of the human being. Indeed, sport has the capacity to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, to strengthen the muscles and all the cells of the body. Similarly, sport promotes the creation of new neurons that are involved in the proper functioning of the nervous system. So when you are physically active, your IQ increases without difficulty.

Dosing your intake of B vitamins

Vitamin B is known for its virtues and its oxygen supply. It increases the flow of blood and O2 to the meninges. This allows your brain to be active and competent. You can find it in dairy products, seeds, nuts, pulses, etc. Finally, increasing your IQ invites you to do several things. By following the above tips, you can easily achieve this.