Urban Bivouac hotel in Paris: description of the hotels’ offers

Among the hotels in Paris, the Urban Bivouac hotel is one of the best hotels. This hotel has a lot of interesting offers that attract people. Believe me when I say that these offers are interesting ones and attractive. This article will enlighten us more on the offers of Urban Bivouac hotel.

Description of Urban Bivouac Zen room

One of the offers of Urban Bivouac hotel is the Zen room. This room contains a comfortable bed for two people or rather a person. Check Boutique Hotel In Paris for more information. One of the interesting things in the Zen room is the free Wi-Fi connection that you can access.

In this room, there is a led tv on the wall with USB plugs that make the atmosphere a comfortable one. Not only that but the Zen room is also equipped with some speakers with Bluetooth connectivity for you to enjoy your music. Isn’t it so lovely? The room has more equipment put in place for your comfort.

Zen room is an air-conditioned one and there is also a heating system therein. The air condition system and the heating one is to ensure the comfort of the hotel user whether in summer or in winter. You have your personal bathroom properly equipped, a small desk on which you can set your laptop and documents. The Zen room is one of its kind with a lot of comforting equipment. 

Description of Urban Bivouac UP room

This particular room is bigger than the first room. It’s spacious and very comfortable. This superior room is basically for a maximum of two people. Urban Bivouac UP room has the same offers as the Zen room. But be it that it’s a superior room, the desk in the UP room is large and the bed therein is a queen-sized bed.

The room contains all you need for your well-being such as an equipped bathroom with pleasant products. Interestedly, you won’t have to order coffee and wait for it to arrive. This is because your UP room is equipped with a coffee machine.