Outbound marketing techniques that work

Among the digital marketing strategies that can exist, there is outbound marketing. Also called push marketing, outbound marketing consists of implementing traditional communication strategies to push the product to the consumer. This is a fairly classic method of getting new customers. If this strategy is old enough, it is still worth a shot. Discover here some outbound marketing techniques that work.

TV advertising and trade shows

The best commercials so far have been on TV. You can go here to see all about it. Trade shows and professional events have long been a channel that companies use to build trust with their customers and obtain the contact details of potential customers. However, the effectiveness of TV ads is no longer to be proven. 

Experience has proven that 62% of TV ads easily generate purchases. Today, with social networks, many believe that the era of media is over as TVs have also adapted to digital. With the advent of Smart TVs, programming makes it possible to broadcast targeted advertisements linked to the viewer's geolocation and behavior. In addition, Smart TVs also offer interactive ads that ask viewers to click to buy or get more information.

Cold Calling and Cold Emailing

Cold Calling is one of the essential outbound marketing techniques. It consists of calling a prospect of whom you do not know. Considered as a sales technique that imposes itself by entering the lives of prospects in an intrusive way, this technique is especially effective in the B2B sector. However, just making calls is not enough. You need to research the person concerned. 

Today, with the advent of social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter), it is easier to know who you are talking to. Cold Emailing, on the other hand, aims to present your company as a whole to your future customers. This technique generates interest in your services and generates a huge rate of interactions. 

Compared to Cold Calling, Cold Emailing allows you to expand the reach of your brand and at the same time recover customers from competitors. Your message must be both personalized and show the decision-maker that you are a professional who perfectly masters his field.