How to install an in-ground pool ?

Having a pool at home is the dream of every family. However, very few people manage to make this dream come true. In most cases, the abandonment of this project is due to the lack of information on the subject or the often exorbitant price of some pools. Through this article, you will have all the necessary information to have an inground pool at home.

Elements to take into account before starting

As with any project, it is necessary that you establish that you think about all the parameters that come into play. The in-ground pool is totally different from the above-ground one and requires a lot of equipment, look at here now
In fact, with a completely buried construction, its installation requires the use of conventional equipment such as lighting, a ladder and others. One of the features to consider is the depth of your pool. It can be up to 2.20 meters, unlike the above ground pool with a maximum of 1.6 meters. Other factors to consider is the size of your pool which is often 32 square meters or more in case you want something special. You can choose from XS or XXL models depending on your taste and desires. 
As far as the budget is concerned, you can expect an estimate of between 15,000 and 20,000 euros at most if it does not require an exaggerated and specific layout. The cost of construction will increase according to your tastes and desires.

An XXL or ecological pool

You have the right to ask for a special surface for your swimming pool, it is up to you to see what corresponds to you and to decide on the materials of your choice while seeking the opinion of a professional on the suitability. For the installation of an XXL swimming pool with specific characteristics, your expectations in terms of expenditure can go up to 50 000 euros. An expense of 30% more of the amount to have an ecological pool whose installation requires quality materials. Consisting of two pools, its installation must follow a number of ecological rules and natural materials.