Discover 3 football legends

Football is one of the most played sports in the world. It is a game that is good for both players and spectators. Since its inception, football has recorded several players who, through their talent, have left their mark on the history of the game. In this article you will discover 3 great players of all time who really deserve to be mentioned.


Real name Edson Arantes do Nascimento, but better known as Pele, he is a Brazilian footballer who impressed the football world with his artistic performances. He is considered the greatest player in the history of football. Born on 23 October 1940, Pele quickly became familiar with football, as his father also played the sport. His father was also a footballer, so he wasted no time in making a place for himself in the national team and especially at Santos FC, the club where he began his professional career. He is the only footballer to have won the World Cup three times. This is why he is known as King Pele. The man who found the net more than 680 times.

Johan Cruyff

The man who left his mark on the 1970s with his footballing style. Really, it was beautiful! His real name was Hendrik Johannes Cruijff and he was born on 25 April 1947 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was introduced to football by his mother, who enrolled him in a football school after the death of his father. And as talent always comes to the fore, he became a football legend. Even after he hung up his boots, he made a huge contribution to football as a coach, as it is partly thanks to him that FC Barcelona is what it is today. During his football career, the man with the many nicknames scored over 400 goals.

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz was born on 11 September 1945 in Munich. He is a German footballer who made a name for himself with his masterpiece. He is one of only three defenders to date to have won the Golden Ball at least once. Der Kaiser is arguably the best libero of all time.