3 meal mixes to avoid

Even if they make your mouth water, some meal mixes can cause indigestion and abdominal pain. How can you avoid these discomforts? Find out in this article.

Bananas and oranges

Although they belong to the same family, fruits such as oranges, grapes, figs and bananas are not suitable with semi-acidic fruits such as mangoes, pears and nectarines. Therefore, they do not combine with acidic fruits. It is therefore recommended not to consume bananas with oranges, mandarins or grapefruit. These are mixtures that can cause indigestion and gas. Therefore, you should eat fruit from the same category.

Potatoes and meat

The second food combination to ban from your daily meals is potatoes and meat. Generally speaking, the mixture of proteins and starches is unhealthy for the body. In plain English, the starch in starchy foods is not digest   ed in the same way as protein. Starch has the ability to ferment, which can lead to a heavy feeling in the stomach. To remedy this, you should opt for green beans. This type of meal will ease your indigestion and keep you healthy.

Peanuts and beer

It is often tempting to have peanuts as an aperitif. Peanuts are usually salty in nature and dehydrate the body. The same applies to alcoholic drinks. Thus, consuming these products at the same time can make it difficult for you to wash and thus trigger constipation. Ideally, therefore, you should not alternate these two products if you wish to enjoy good health.

In short, the body is not able to digest some of the foods we enjoy very quickly. It would therefore be best to avoid the food combinations listed in this article for your well-being. But in addition to that, you should also follow the rules of hygiene, to have a perfect health.